Marketing solutions designed for digital agencies

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud is the ideal digital solution for your customers. Website builder, online sales, unlimited emails and much more.

Marketing solutions for digital agencies from 299€ / month

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud provides all the necessary tools for building amazing websites and driving digital campaigns for your clients. Offer also unlimited emails with dedicated IPs.


Professional website

Design visually for your customers the most beautiful websites optimized for digital marketing

sendfinite tools

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud

The integrated solution for your digital marketing. Contacts, audiences, campaigns, emails...


Sendfinite Email Solutions

Your Sendfinite emailing platform, equipped with dedicated IP & Sendfinite Email Intelligence

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud features for your digital agency

Use Sendfinite Marketing Cloud for all your needs in digital marketing. Build powerful and easy-to-use websites, accessible on the domain name of your choice.

Modern websites visual design

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud is the perfect digital platform for any marketer. Build visually your website with amazing landing pages, sell online products and services, engage social communities with blogging and sharing on social media. Create unlimited email campaigns and build tailor-made user experiences. Start your online business in no time with Sendfinite.

Boost your digital marketing with an effective website & landing pages

Create unlimited beautiful web pages optimized for conversion. Everything on your website is easily customizable, fine-tune every last detail, just by drag and dropping. Tons of widgets available to build incredible landing pages, e-commerce pages, blog posts and more.






Real estate

Sell products & services online

From simple physical products, appointments to digital content and services, you can sell anything with your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud. Let your customers choose from endless product variations, manage multiple currencies and ways of payment, add sales on any page. 

sendfinite audiences manager mass actions

Segment your contacts and target audiences

Group together your contacts into audiences based on common data or behaviors. Use our advanced segmentation engine to create advanced audiences. Build tailor-made experiences for each of your audiences.

Improve your marketing performances by focusing on engaged people that interacts with your emails. Sendfinite generates an engagement score based on contacts behaviors enabling to create tailor-made experiences.

Generate more leads with forms & popups

Catch as many email addresses as you can! Create a beautiful popup, drag & drop a form and define when it should be triggered. Detect a returning visitor or the mouse behaviors and display full screen or popin interfaces to catch your visitors personal information. All new email addresses will be automatically added to your audiences and into your marketing campaigns. 

Sendfinite Email Templates

Send unlimited email campaigns

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud is built on advanced email delivery technologies using dedicated IP addresses. Choose in our email templates library or create your own, send unlimited emails to all your contacts and create tailor-made user experiences to get the best of your marketing campaigns. Build & protect your email reputation to avoid any delivery issues.

Increase revenues with Affiliate Marketing

Generate more income by monetizing your website’s traffic. Sendfinite Affiliate Manager allows you to easily integrate and measure your affiliate programs performances. Automatically add a selection of Amazon products using our native Amazon Affiliate integration.

sendfinite affiliate FEZV32

Design tailor-made digital marketing

Create easily with your Sendfinite Experiences Manager dedicated content matching your audiences interests and intentions. Customize your marketing campaign to better engage and build tailor-made web pages to drive more conversions.

AB Tests & marketing performance optimization

Get real-time statistics on website audiences and email campaigns. Detect engagement and visitors behaviors. Use AB and MVT testing to personalize your marketing campaigns and measure its performance.

Sendfinite Audiences statistics

Performance monitoring and reporting

View all your email campaigns statistics, audiences and contacts behaviors and website traffic in real time. Visualize your active contacts and export any inactive, unsubscribed or bounced contact at any time. Measure your email campaigns results, sales and affiliate programs at any time.

Marketing Cloud designed for digital agencies

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud makes digital marketing easy. Build an amazing website with great content, share it with the world, drive successful digital campaigns and start selling your products and services online. Be a clever marketer by creating tailor-made user experiences for your audiences. Increase popularity, lead genereation and conversions.

Content Marketing

Build visually any web page, use landing pages for your digital ads, create a blog and share your content in emails and social campaigns. All you need for your content.

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E-commerce & Leads Generation

Create your online store and sell any products or services. Manage stocks, orders, currencies and much more. Generate easily leads with forms & popups, subscribe them to your marketing  campaigns.

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Search Engines Marketing

Increase organic traffic towards your website with an optimized content for SEO. Use your landing pages for any SEM campaign. Monitor real-time statistics on your SEO ranking.

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Email Marketing

Import all your contacts and send them unlimited emails. Create simultaneously multiple email campaigns, schedule, send and measure performances.

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Affiliate Marketing

Monetize your online traffic by adding affiliate programs on your website. Include dynamically Amazon products according to your content and increase online sales and revenues.

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Transactional Marketing

Easily connect any business tool to your Sendfinite Email Manager and start sending in no time any type of emails to your contacts from your CRM, e-commerce platform and more.

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Customer Marketing

Be a customer-driven marketer and create unique digital experiences for your audiences. Customize, measure and increase engagement and conversions.

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Social Media Marketing

Spread your content to the world and increase your brand popularity. Add Social share, Facebook comments and more. Build a fan community around your brand and let them promote your business online.

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Choose your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud plan

Sendfinite delivers simple pricing, with no surprises and no commitment. Our team is at your entire disposal to answer your questions and assist you in using your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud.


All Sendfinite Marketing Cloud features with 8 dedicated IP addresses and 50GB of disk space.


Excl. VAT Per Month
no commitment

  • Your white labelled website
  • Full customization
  • Online sales & payment
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Audiences & segmentation
  • 8 dedicated IP addresses
  • Sendfinite Email Intelligence
  • User experiences
  • Amazon & affiliate programs
  • Social media integration
  • Livechat integration
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 50GB of space disk


All Sendfinite Marketing Cloud features with 16 dedicated IP addresses, 500GB of disk space and priority support.


Excl. VAT Per Month
no commitment

  • Your white labelled website
  • Full customization
  • Online sales & payment
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Audiences & segmentation
  • 16 dedicated IP addresses
  • Sendfinite Email Intelligence
  • User experiences
  • Amazon & affiliate programs
  • Social media integration
  • Livechat integration
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 500GB of space disk
  • Priority support


All Sendfinite Marketing Cloud features with 32 dedicated IP addresses, 1 TB of disk space and priority support.


Excl. VAT Per Month
no commitment

  • Your white labelled website
  • Full customization
  • Online sales & payment
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Audiences & segmentation
  • 32 dedicated IP addresses
  • Sendfinite Email Intelligence
  • User experiences
  • Amazon & affiliate programs
  • Social media integration
  • Livechat integration
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 1TB of space disk
  • Priority support

Why choose Sendfinite Marketing Cloud for your digital agency?

Design & create

Sendfinite Website Builder allows you to create visually and in no time the perfect website for your customers.

All digital features

Get all the best features in a single marketing cloud. Online sales, SEO & social media optimization, leads generation, emails & more

Built for digital campaigns

Use your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud for all your digital campaigns. Build clever landing pages to catch and convert all your qualified leads.

No technical skills required

Our technical team takes in charge all technical aspects of your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud. Just focus on your business and marketing. 

Teams management

Create unlimited user accounts with predefined roles for everybody of your team. Web designer, translator, content manager and more.

GDPR compliancy

Rely on Sendfinite Marketing Cloud for your GDPR compliancy. Export or erase data upon request, display cookies banners and more.

Easy billing

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud cost is very forecastable. Being fully unlimited, you won't get any hidden costs or billing surprises.

24/7 support

Our team is entirely dedicated to your success. Contact us at any time for help regarding your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud.

SLA & Security

Rely on our SLA agreements and security measures to ensure your clients websites are always online and available.

Audiences & digital campaigns

Import all your contacts

Import your customers and prospects data to optimize your digital marketing. You may import an unlimited number of contacts and additional data. Use forms to automatically generate new contacts in Sendfinite Audiences Manager.

CRM and behavioral data

Get a 360° view of your prospects and customers by merging CRM and digital data. Get tons of behavioral data about your contacts and use them to improve your marketing targeting.

Segment your contacts into audiences

Sendfinite Audiences Manager includes a powerful segmentation engine allowing to create clever audiences ready to be integrated in marketing campaigns. Easily perform mass actions on all your contacts.

Active contacts and engagement score

Focus on your engaged audiences. Sendfinite Audiences Manager detects all digital interactions and calculates an engagement score in real time, allowing you to separate active and inactive contacts. You may then use this scoring in your email campaigns.

Blacklist management

Make sure not to solicit anymore contacts which are no longer reachable or who no longer wish to receive future marketing solicitations. Sendfinite Audiences Manager automatically remove bounced and unsbscribed contacts from your lists and make them exportable at any time.

Lead generation & online subscription

Grow your audiences automatically by generating new leads from your website. Display a pop-up form based on visitors behaviors or suggest subscribing to your newsletter. Your contacts will automatically be integrated into your Sendfinite audiences.

Automation & custom user experiences

Improve user experience and email campaigns performance by customizing your digital marketing according to your audiences interests and buying intentions. Create email automation scenarios to automatically send newsletters or purchase suggestions to all your active leads.

A/B testing and marketing optimization

Easily operate A/B testing campaigns on your web pages and email campaigns to quickly identify winning versions generating the best marketing results. Personalize user experiences to get a high conversion rate.

Dashboard and statistics

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud provides numerous dashboards and statistics to monitor your audiences behaviors, web pages and email campaigns performances. Make easy comparison between two email campaigns or web designs.

Data export

You may export at any time all your contact data to a compressed CSV file. You may also delete data upon request, in accordance with GDPR regulation.

Emails & SMTP platforms

Unlimited emails

Send unlimited emails to all your contacts by connecting your Sendfinite SMTP platform to your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud or to your business tools. Ideal for emailing and transactional marketing.

Dedicated IPs in Europe

Your SMTP platform has up to 32 dedicated IP addresses located in Europe. Do you want to target countries other than France? Contact our sales team for a personalized offer.


Sendfinite SMTP platforms includes all latest innovations ensuring excellent emails deliverability. Your domain name and IP addresses are protected against identity theft and other online threats.

Bounced addresses management

Easily recover all your contacts whose email address is no longer valid. A dedicated email account is available to you from which you can manually or automatically retrieve all your bounced contacts.

Unlimited SMTP accounts

Create as many email accounts as you want, for your team and your partners. It is also possible to set up email aliases on demand. Access your emails using your favorite email software.

Security and HTTPS

Sendfinite takes data security  seriously. Your SMTP platform is equipped with all major security technologies against online threats. Your emails are protected against online spoofing.

Sendfinite Email Intelligence

Your Sendfinite SMTP platform incorporates Sendfinite Email Intelligence technology which monitors your IP addresses reputation in real time and automatically adapts your sendings according to each ESP regulations.

Reputation and sending speeds

Your Sendfinite SMTP platform reputation is essential for your emails deliverability. Our technology automates the warmup process of your IP addresses, protects your reputation and adapts your sending speeds in real time.

Blacklist detection

Our technology detects in real time deliverability issues caused by bounced email addresses or non-optin contacts. In the event of ESP regulations, sending routes are automatically adapted.

Detailed emails statistics

Monitor your emails from your Sendfinite SMTP platform. View bounced contacts volumes, deferred emails or declared as spam. Follow your IP addresses reputation with the all major ESPs.

Simplified SMTP connection

The setup of your Sendfinite SMTP platform is simple and takes only a few minutes. Just make sure your software or web platform supports SMTP protocol.

Website & E-commerce

Domain name

Your Sendfinite website is white labeled, meaning you may use the domain name of your choice to access it. During set up, our team can, if you wish, handle its configuration. Otherwise you will receive the settings to be implemented on your DNS.

Unlimited web pages

There is no limit in the use of your website. Create as many web pages as you want. Use tags and categories to better organize them. Add images and videos. Design pages exclusively dedicated for marketing campaigns on Google and social networks.

Online sale and payment

Easily build your sales store or online booking platform. Manage product catalogs, inventory, edit invoices at any time and accept all major payment methods like Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

Affiliate Marketing and Amazon Associates

Monetize your online traffic with affiliate marketing. Establish partnerships on affiliate networks and display links and banners on the pages of your choice. Dynamically add Amazon products and grow revenue generated from your online presence.

International and multilingual

Your target customers are in multiple countries and your website must support several languages? Sendfinite supports all foreign languages allowing you to easily create content dedicated to the language of your visitors.

Web & e-commerce statistics

Track online traffic in real time, most visited pages, your visitors demographic and geographic data, where they come from... Get detailed statistics on your online store, inventory, orders, payments and more.

Unlimited user accounts

Get your entire team on board by creating a personal access to your website for each of them. Offer your customers a user account in order to track their orders. Use predefined roles to customize access and permissions.

Full customization

Create in a few clicks a full design of your website. Start from one of our many pre-built templates or start from scratch. Dozens of widgets are available to you, just drag and drop them to add tons of features to your web pages.

Blogging with WordPress

Blogging is the ideal solution to improve your website's visibility  on search engines and engage communities on social networks. Sendfinite integrates WordPress blogging system to quickly publish content and attract more visitors to your site.

Social Media

Regularly publish content on your website to improve its visibility and increase web traffic. Promote your presence on social networks. Let your visitors like, share, and comment your posts to grow your online popularity.

Real time chat

Don't let a business opportunity slip away with LiveChat technology. Allow your online visitors to interact with you or provoke a discussion, make purchases recommendations, online support and more. Customized service will give you every chance of finalizing an online sale.

Digital Assets Manager

Host all the content you need to build web pages, but also emails and online ads. Host all business documents on a single platform to share them with your team members.

Search engine

Your website is natively optimized for SEO in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or even Qwant. Sendfinite also integrates Rank Math SEO technology, a real SEO assistant, suggesting improvements for each web page and blog post to maximize your online visibility.

GDPR compliance

Comply with personal data law with Sendfinite. Display a customer banner for cookies management, manage conditions of use, legal mention and users consent.

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