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Our Data experts supports you in the management of your company’s digital data. We synthesize your data and your performance indicators in the form of dashboards in order to improve your decision-making and your digital marketing.

We support you in the management and use of your data

Sendfinite marketing agency supports you in your business intelligence, in the management and use of your digital data. We set up IT solutions around Business Intelligence and Data, such as CRM, PIM, DAM and DMP. We collect and synthesize your data to be used in your multi-channel marketing and in your strategic decision-making.

The implementation of a PIM (Product Information Management) solution allows you to centralize and manage your e-commerce stores product information. Advanced business rules (yiel rules, stocks management, complex logistics processes, etc.) can be developed and integrated into your e-commerce solutions.

We are also experts in the management of documentary databases and digital resources (DAM) with tailor-made validation and control workflows.

We implement CRM solutions for customer relationship management. These solutions can be supplemented by a DMP platform, a digital solution that collects and manages cookies from your marketing audiences. You thus improve your targeting on marketing levers and optimize your media investments.

We improve decision making with 360 ° dashboards

Marketing decision making is no longer based on intuition. With the proliferation of digital touchpoints, it is necessary to fully understand the complexity of customer journeys and to assess the contribution of each channel to conversion.

Our team dedicated to Data Analysis with operational experience in performance marketing campaign management carries out audits within your company in order to provide you with strategic recommendations in the form of a summary and dashboards with the essential KPIs for your Business Intelligence. By combining all the data from your digital ecosystem, you will improve the ROI of your marketing actions, allocate more efficiently your budgets and make decisions based on key figures.

We get the best from your web analytics, CRM and DMP data

Improving customer conversion journeys is essential in order to optimize marketing budgets. Analyzing your digital audience, web traffic and mobile applications allows you to understand all factors having a positive or negative impact on conversions.

Our Data Analysts team is expert in all web analytics tools on the market including Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. They support you during all stages of your project, from technical implementation to audits performance in order to identify digital strategies areas of optimization.

You will thus improve performance on digital and decision-making in Business Intelligence, marketing strategy and profitability. Our objectives during an audit are:

  • Understand profiles of your audiences in order to better address them
  • Analyze and optimize sales journeys
  • Optimize marketing decision making and resource allocation
  • Measure and improve your sites and mobile applications performance

We integrate your digital data from a marketing platform or Data Management Platform (DMP) and combine with your CRM data. This gives you a 360° view of your audiences and enables personalized customer experiences activation.

business intelligence to improve your digital marketing

Continuous optimization helps to optimize the ROI of your online presence. By performing A/B testing, it enables multiple variations testing and determines which versions generates the most conversions online in order to improve sales journeys, online advertising, email content and more.

Our Data Analysts support you in defining and implementing AB Testing strategies. They assess tests relevance, monitor and analyze the results.

We design detailed dashboards to visualize your performance indicators and provide answers to your company’s strategic orientations. We ensure the deployment of an AB test roadmap to improve your conversion funnels, online advertising and loyalty programs.

We improve the targeting of your marketing audiences and activate personalization use cases on all digital levers.

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