Facebook Ads & Social Media strategy to develop your brand

More and more people use social networks on a daily basis, which is an excellent marketing lever for brands having understood the business opportunity and need our digital agency to support them.

keys to an effective Social Media strategy

The multiplication of communication channels (social networks, blogs, forums, etc.) has transformed the relationship between Internet users and brands. It is now essential to integrate the social media dimension into a company’s digital strategy. Facebook Ads, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Twitter, and even Youtube are powerful acquisition levers combining the ability to precisely target audiences and personalize digital marketing.

Our digital agency in Monaco provides you our Social Media experts with experience and strong creativity to translate your challenges into concrete marketing objectives through the most relevant advertising levers (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Snapchat Ads, Twitter Ads…).

We define with you the effective Social Media strategy adapted to the needs of your business. It must meet the objectives of your business, which are commonly:

  • Generate qualified traffic
  • Develop your sales
  • Collect qualified leads
  • Reaching your local audience
  • Create a community around your brand
  • Retain your community
  • Develop your notoriety

The implementation of your Social Media strategy must respond to the challenges of your business. There are many examples on the use of this marketing lever:

  • Stimulate your brand image by broadcasting messages to your audiences
  • Encourage interactions with your brand using Facebook Ads and personalized offers
  • Deliver promotional operations adapted to your targets
  • Generate qualified traffic and conversions to your site
  • Refine your targeting and create relevant audiences for your brand
  • Retarget visitors who have expressed an interest in your website
  • Engage audiences using video format
  • Attract in-store traffic by relaying special operations
  • Promote a mobile application and encourage downloads

Perpetuate your presence with a community manager

The community manager is the person in charge of developing, managing and sustaining your presence on social networks. He animates and engages your community, finds new customers using the power of recommendation and improves your visibility while mastering your image and reputation online. He also listens and makes your customers speak in order to better understand their expectations, retain them and improve your Facebook Ads.

Sendfinite Social Media agency in Monaco supports you in setting up a digital strategy on social networks and provides you with the services of a community manager according to your needs.

Connect with influencers and opinion leaders

We set up influencer campaigns to encourage targeted influencers to make the promotion of your brand and products to their audiences. This gives you considerable brand visibility at a lower cost, a better credibility and more sales opportunities.

Sendfinite digital agency supports you in setting up your influencer campaigns. For this we identify and map the influencers in line with your brand image, we ensure the follow-up of the relationship, the establishment of partnerships and the measurement of performance indicators and ROI.

Our methodology and expertise in Social Advertising

Summary of your needs and challenges

In a preliminary meeting, our experts collect your growth needs and ambitions. They identify the appropriate levers according to your budget.

Conversion tracking set up

Our teams take care of setting up your tracking and conversion tracking pixels on your website in order to ensure proper monitoring and fine optimization of your Facebook Ads and other social networks performance.

Creation of a conversion funnel

Developing a conversion journey enables you to build your Social Ads campaigns strategy and measure the performance indicators (KPIs) to be followed for each stage of the funnel (awareness, acquisition, transformation, loyalty, etc.).

Building your campaigns

Our Social Media experts create your Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and other advertising campaigns using your digital resources and offer tailor-made advertising design if required.

Optimization and testing

Our test & learn methodology makes it possible to identify the ideal conditions for your advertisement (targeting, audience, format, wording, visual, etc.) and obtain the best performance.

Analyze customer journeys

Touchpoint analysis allows you to map your customer journeys and measure the contribution of each marketing lever in order to precisely adjust budgets and strategy.

Performance report

We measure the effectiveness of each of your investments with specific performance indicators and regularly send you detailed reports on your Facebook Ads and social media marketing.

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