Your customers at the heart of the inbound marketing strategy

Our marketing agency in Monaco is specialized in inbound marketing. We implement marketing levers for our clients in line with their marketing strategy. We maximize their visibility on the Internet and deploy digital solutions to generate quality leads and increase online sales.

Attract your customers rather than searching for them

We support companies to improve their marketing approach and optimize the way they attract and engage their marketing targets. We optimize content and marketing levers in order to establish your legitimacy and allow you to generate more qualified leads and increase your turnover.

Inbound marketing is on average 61% less expensive than traditional marketing and has a better return on investment. The production of content and the optimization of natural referencing are at the heart of the inbound marketing strategy to attract customers, who will then be converted on the site with solutions such as landing pages, call-to-action and contact forms.

Our omnichannel strategy focuses on customer journey with decision-making process evolving a solid lead nurturing strategy. By obtaining your leads contact details with their consent, you may enable automated email campaigns to generate interest in your products and services.

The success of your inbound marketing campaigns depends on a solid content strategy through the creation and delivery of quality content on the Internet. Get more visibility in search engine results, increase traffic to your site, and chances of converting your prospects into customers.

inbound marketing

Customer at the heart of an effective inbound strategy

The performance of your inbound marketing and its return on investment depends closely on your knowledge about your marketing targets and their needs. By creating content that precisely meets your customers expectations, you increase your visibility where they are likely to search, on Google and on social networks.

Implementing a digital strategy is therefore essential to refine your targeting and succeed in digital marketing. By creating personas and customer journeys (user journeys), we determine the characteristics of our target audiences and the way in which we must express ourselves in order to offer relevant and adapted content, maximizing the chances of converting visitors into leads, then leads into customers.

Maximize your visibility in search engines

Search engines are the most important source of visits and SEO optimization is an essential step in achieving visibility and good returns on investment. Strong levers will trigger immediate results (15 days to 2 months) in SEO, but will also need to be accompanied by long-term actions to achieve the best results.

Sendfinite digital agency supports you in optimizing your natural referencing in order to get more traffic to your site from search engines. We improve technically your site to meet Google, Bing and Yahoo’s requirements. We ensure that your site complies with good technical practices, so that it is accessible and correctly indexable by search engines.

Our SEO experts audit your pages and offer the necessary optimizations to position your site on strategic keywords for your brand. We also improve your link building strategy to increase your online popularity.

Our inbound marketing methodology in 4 steps

Step 1 - Attract your potential customers

The first step is to attract visitors most likely to be interested in your products or services by being present when your potential customers are searching the Internet. The creation of a marketing persona in digital strategy is necessary to offer adapted content to your targets and distribute them across digital levers (blog, SEO, social networks, email marketing, etc.).

Marketing levers: Blog and content, SEO, social networks, videos …

Step 2 - Capture qualified Leads

Optimizing a lead’s journey from the point of entry to online sales or lead generation. By attracting visitors and integrating conversion tools such as forms, chat bot or appointment scheduling, you generate leads easily, integrated in your CRM and ready to be converted into customers with emailing campaigns, remarketing and marketing automation.

Marketing levers: Landing Page, CTA, Form, CRM, Marketing Automation, Chatbot

Step 3 - Sell online

Lead nurturing and educate your prospects who are not yet ready to buy and move them through the sales journey to the customer stage. Emailing, remarketing or marketing automation are levers that convert your leads and increase your business turnover.

Marketing levers: Email, Lead Scoring, Chatbot, Marketing Automation, Conversations

Step 4 - Build customer loyalty

The hard part is done, it is now a question of nurturing customers to retain them and generate future sales. Engaged and satisfied customers will be more likely to buy more and recommend you to those around them.

Marketing levers: Personalized content, Email, Marketing Automation, Feedbacks

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