Unlimited contacts. Big Data & scoring. Marketing audiences targeting.

Import & manage all your contacts. 360° view of your audiences & real time active contacts detection. Segmentation and user experience customization.

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud features to manage your marketing audiences

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud delivers all the essential tools for your digital marketing. Get a complete hybrid CRM / DMP platform allowing marketing targeting and user experience customization.

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Import all your contacts & data in one place

Import as many contacts as you want into your Sendfinite platform. Add to each imported contact additional information such as birthday, gender, city, etc. These are valuable data for segmentation purposes.

Build clever audiences to target in email campaigns

Group together your contacts into audiences based on common data or behaviors. Use our advanced segmentation engine to create advanced audiences. Build tailor-made experiences for each of your audiences.

sendfinite audiences manager mass actions
sendfinite audiences manager engagement

Target with engagement scoring

Improve your marketing performances by focusing on engaged people that interacts with your emails. Sendfinite generates an engagement score based on contacts behaviors enabling to create tailor-made experiences. This is the key to successful marketing campaigns.

Automatic subscription of your leads to your audiences

Add a newsletter registration form on the pages of your website. Your visitor’s email address will automatically be integrated into your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud audiences. Schedule automation emails to maximize your contact’s engagement.

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Use forms & popups to grow your audiences

Catch as many email addresses as you can! Create a beautiful popup, drag & drop a form and define when it should be triggered. Detect a returning visitor or the mouse behaviors and display full screen or popin interfaces to catch your visitors personal information. All new email addresses will be automatically added to your audiences and into your marketing campaigns. 

Operate mass actions in just a few clicks

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud integrates a powerful segmentation engine including CRM and digital campaigns data. Create advanced audiences and mass operations by selecting filter criteria and actions to be performed.

web sendfinite massactions

Engage with automated campaigns

Enable automation campaigns to increase user experience and loyalty. Send an automated welcome email once a visitor subscribes to your newsletter. Adapt the content of the email to the contact’s profile. Be pushy with some offers on the next days.

Create unique user experiences

Using clever audiences it becomes easy to create tailor-made digital experiences to improve marketing performances. Use our engagement scoring to concentrate your efforts on active contacts. Customize anything from email content to landing page look & feel. 

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Monitor digital touchpoints & online activities

Get all the detailed data you want to see about your contacts. Visualize how they interact with your email campaigns. Identify who is active and who is not. Manage and export bounced and unsubscribed contacts.

Monitor for every contact in your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud all the touchpoints, when they opened an email and if they subscribed or unsubscribed to your emails. Use segmentation engine to create specific campaigns based on contacts activities.

GDPR compliant

Be GDPR compliant and export or delete data upon a contact’s request, at any time. Use Sendfinite’s export engine to download contacts and all related data. Narrow your export with tons of options to download only the contacts your need. 

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