Unlimited email campaigns. Automation Marketing and more.

Create and send unlimited emails to all your contacts with Sendfinite Email Manager. SMTP Platforms with dedicated IP addresses. Sendfinite Email Intelligence included.

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud features for your email marketing

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud delivers all the essential tools for your email marketing. Get an optimized platform for sending emails, installed on the domain name of your choice.

Send unlimited emails to all your contacts

Create and send as many email campaigns as you wish and let us manage your delivery. Build a strong email reputation to increase sending speed. Our technology is fully optimized to deliver emails in your contacts inbox. 

Sendfinite Email Templates
sendfinite audiences manager contacts

Import and manage unlimited contacts

Import as many contacts as you want into your Sendfinite platform. Add additional information to each imported contact such as birthday, gender, city, etc. Coupled with contacts behavioral data from your emails and website, you’re ready for effective audiences segmentation and digital campaigns performances.

Choose a prebuilt template or design your own

Choose in your Sendfinite library your favorite email template, customize and start your campaign! Use any visual or HTML editor, or import from any external software. Add dynamic tags to customize content, choose your targeted audiences and schedule your sendings.

sendfinite audiences manager mass actions

Segment and build marketing audiences

Group your contacts into audiences based on common data and behaviors. Use our segmentation engine to create advanced audiences, driven by CRM and behavioral data within your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud. Design tailor-made experiences for your audiences and your unlimited emailing.

Schedule & follow your campaigns

Create emailing campaigns in just a few clicks. All you need to do is select an email template, target an audience and schedule your sendings. Use marketing automation to engage and convert your leads. Follow planned campaigns from your calendar, launch simultaneously multiple unlimited emailing campaigns targeting several audiences.

Sendfinite Emails Manager

Engage with automated campaigns

Enable automation campaigns to increase user experience and loyalty. Send an automated welcome email once a visitor subscribes to your newsletter. Adapt the content of the email to the contact’s profile. Be pushy with some offers on the next days.

Build customized digital user experience

Start easily tailor-made marketing with Sendfinite Marketing Cloud. Detect your visitors interests and intentions , create clever audiences and customize your marketing campaigns to better engage and generate more conversions.

Sendfinite ab test email templates

Analyze & improve the your emails design

Plan AB testing campaigns on your emails in just a few clicks to measure the differences in terms of opening and clicks from your contacts. Change the subject or content of your emails to see which one gets the best marketing results.

Track in real time your online traffic

View in real time all main KPIs from your website. Find out which are your most visited web pages, who are your visitors and where they come from. Track generated traffic from search engines and social media, easily measure your online marketing actions efficiency.

Sendfinite Audiences statistics
web sendfinite esp

Your emails are optimized with Sendfinite Email Intelligence

Your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud includes Sendfinite Email Intelligence which detects in real time ESP restrictions and email blacklists. Our intelligent technology updates sending routes for your emails in real time in order to avoid IP reputation damage. Monitor your reputation for all major ESPs at all times.

Ideal for affiliation

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud is the ideal solution for your affiliate marketing. Send unlimited emails to all your contacts with links to your affiliate partners or to your Sendfinite website. Create landing pages and automatically integrate products for sale from Amazon’s marketplace.

Ready for your transactional marketing

Connect easily all your business tools to your Sendfinite SMTP Platform. Send confirmation emails from e-commerce websites,  CRM and more. Get real time statistics on outgoing emails and monitor your dedicated IP addresses reputation.

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