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Our R&D department has developed great digital marketing solutions for its customers. Tailor-made for marketing teams, our solution helps brands to develop their visibility on the Internet, sell products and services online and drive effective marketing campaigns.

The complete solution for your digital marketing needs

With its experience in digital, our marketing agency in Monaco has developed Sendfinite Marketing Cloud, the ideal solution for marketing teams and digital marketing agencies. Our solution integrates the best tools for creating and running professional websites, managing e-commerce stores and marketing campaigns targeting engaged audiences.

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud has an advanced audience segmentation tool. Our solution brings together CRM and digital data in order to obtain and activate a 360° vision of audiences enabling personalized marketing and sales approach. Delivering the right message at the right time is the goal of every good marketer.

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud solution also delivers unlimited emails to all your contacts. We equip your cloud with an optimized SMTP relay including dedicated IP addresses enabling the best delivery rates for your email marketing. Sendfinite Marketing Cloud fits perfectly into your digital ecosystem and is robust enough to manage millions of contacts.

Target your engaged leads to increase online sales

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud allows to precisely target and segment marketing audiences, based on CRM data and digital behavioral data. By obtaining a 360° view of your contacts, you will be able to create precise audiences that meet a profile type or a specific need. Use segmentation to customize your marketing messages, on your website, emails and online ads.

Focus your marketing and sales efforts on engaged leads. Sendfinite Marketing Cloud detects every interaction of your contacts on your website, online ads and sent emails. Our solution automatically creates a profile of your contacts and detects the most engaged contacts, which you then can retarget in your marketing campaigns.

Drive personalized marketing with tailor-made user experiences

Optimizing your digital investments requires you to precisely target your audiences according to their engagement level and their characteristics in order to better personalize your commercial approach. With custom marketing messages, you will increase interest and your chances of generating more sales.

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud delivers all the essential tools for creating personalized digital marketing. Build landing pages adapted to your audiences interests, personalize your emails content, address discounts your contacts having a strong intention to purchase. Create omnichannel customer experiences by orchestrating personalization on the various digital levers.

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud solution for your online business

Resulting from our R&D, Sendfinite Marketing Cloud is the perfect digital solution for online businesses. Easy to use, our marketing cloud delivers all the essential tools to develop your brand’s visibility, sell and manage effective digital campaigns. Our experts support you in using your marketing cloud and train your teams within your company.

The perfect website for your company

Accessible to all, Sendfinite allows to visually create and edit your website’s content and design. Your entire site is customizable with over 50 available page templates. Design beautiful responsive web pages, blog posts, sales pages and any content has never been so quick and easy.

Creating the perfect website for your business has never been so easy. Customize visually any element of a page, add features with a simple drag & drop, save time by choosing one of our prebuilt design template. Sendfinite Marketing Builder is based on Elementor technology, the best way to build elegant websites today.

E-commerce design

Sell online your products. Manage a professional catalog, stocks and products attributes. Accept all major online payments. Build loyalty around your brand with SEO and Social Media. Send unlimited marketing & transactional emails.

Restaurant design

Create in now time a beautiful website for your restaurant, hotel… Highlight your cuisine, share your menus and special deals across the web, offer online booking to your customers. Send unlimited emails & more.


Brand design

Make your business visible on the Internet. Build in a few clicks your website, add videos of wellness treatments, sell products & services online, get reviews from social media communities. Promote special deals by email to all your contacts at any time.

Increase popularity with blogging

Create content that matches your contact’s interests to increase traffic on your website from social networks and search engines. Share your content and invite your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Capture leads & data with custom forms

You can do anything. Simply drag, drop and customize. Build in no time a nice form that will capture visitor’s personal data. All leads are immediately available for any marketing campaign.

Increase engagement with smart popups

Catch as many email addresses as you can! Create a beautiful popup, drag & drop a form and define when it should be triggered. Detect a returning visitor or the mouse behaviors and display full screen or popin interfaces to catch your visitors personal information. All new email addresses will be automatically added to your audiences and into your marketing campaigns.

Market your products and services online

Sell your brand’s products and services online. E-commerce store, click & collect, bookings, use our sales platform to launch and grow your commercial business online. Easily manage your inventories, orders, customer records and accept all main online and offline payment methods.

Organize your catalog of products and services

From your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud easily manage all your products and services on sale. Define selling price, quantity in inventory, all types of characteristics such as size, color or dimensions. Add photos and videos. Increase revenues with up-selling and cross-selling marketing techniques.

Accept all major payment methods

Sendfinite E-commerce Manager comes bundled with the ability to accept online and offline payment ways such as credit cards, bank transfers (BACS), checks, and cash on delivery. Also compatible with Apple & AmazonPay.

Boost your sales with discounts & special offers

Increase your online sales with special discounts. Set an automatic discount for your products during sales periods, generate promotion codes and communicate them to your most loyal customers to make them buy your products and services.

Sell worldwide, manage taxes and currencies

Your Sendfinite sales platform is optimized for selling internationally your products and services. Your website is fully multilingual, you may adapt your content to the language of your visitors while your online store manages all local taxes and foreign currencies used in Europe and around the world.

Simplified invoicing, automatically sent

Billing your customers is made easy with Sendfinite Marketing Cloud. Generate a new invoice for a customer at any time. Automate the sending of invoices by email following an online purchase from your e-commerce site.

Send unlimited marketing emails

Send unlimited emails using your Sendfinite SMTP platform. Ideal for transactional emails and email campaigns sent from your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud. Equipped with dedicated IP addresses, our Email Intelligence technology detects delivery issues in real time and optimizes routing and load balancing according to major ESPs restrictions. Connect your professional tools in no time and send unlimited emailing to all your contacts.

You comply with the GDPR regulation

Be GDPR compliant and export or delete data upon a contact’s request, at any time. Use Sendfinite’s export engine to download contacts and all related data. Narrow your export with tons of options to download only the contacts your need.

Schedule & follow your campaigns

Create emailing campaigns in just a few clicks. All you need to do is select an email template, target an audience and schedule your sendings. Use marketing automation to engage and convert your leads. Follow planned campaigns from your calendar, launch simultaneously multiple unlimited emailing campaigns targeting several audiences.

Import and manage unlimited contacts

Import as many contacts as you want into your Sendfinite platform. Add additional information to each imported contact such as birthday, gender, city, etc. Coupled with contacts behavioral data from your emails and website, you’re ready for effective audiences segmentation and digital campaigns performances.

Target active contacts with our engagement scoring

Focus your marketing efforts on contacts who are most engaged and likely to buy your products or those of your affiliate partners. An engagement score is calculated in real time and available in your segmentation engine in order to refine your marketing targeting.

Segment and build marketing audiences

Group your contacts into audiences based on common data and behaviors. Use our segmentation engine to create advanced audiences, driven by CRM and behavioral data within your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud. Design tailor-made experiences for your audiences and your unlimited emailing.

Design attractive email templates in just a few clicks

Choose your favorite email template from your Sendfinite Emails library, add custom content with dynamic data, target your audiences and start your sendings! You may also create a new email template from scratch or import it from your favorite external application.

Engage with automated campaigns

Enable automation campaigns to increase user experience and loyalty. Send an automated welcome email once a visitor subscribes to your newsletter. Adapt the content of the email to the contact’s profile. Be pushy with some offers on the next days.

Build customized digital user experience

Start easily tailor-made marketing with Sendfinite Marketing Cloud. Detect your visitors interests and intentions , create clever audiences and customize your marketing campaigns to better engage and generate more conversions.

Mesure your marketing efforts & actions

Monitor in real time your email campaigns statistics, audiences and website metrics. Identify active contacts and export inactive, unsubscribed and bounced contacts at any time. Find out which are your most visited web pages, who are your visitors and where they come from. Track generated traffic from search engines and social networks, measure your internet marketing actions popularity.

Analyze & improve the your emails design

Plan AB testing campaigns on your emails in just a few clicks to measure the differences in terms of opening and clicks from your contacts. Change the subject or content of your emails to see which one gets the best marketing results.

Sendfinite Email Intelligence

Your Sendfinite Marketing Cloud includes Sendfinite Email Intelligence which detects in real time ESP restrictions and email blacklists. Our intelligent technology updates sending routes for your emails in real time in order to avoid IP reputation damage. Monitor your reputation for all major ESPs at all times.

Become popular on social media

Your Sendfinite website is deeply integrated with all major social networks. It becomes easy to create and publish content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use your blog to attract more visitors from search engines and social media. Create web pages dedicated to marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Be visible in Google's search engine results

Generate more organic traffic from search engines with your Sendfinite Website Builder. Our SEO assistant helps you to create perfect content for a great ranking in search results. Use dedicated landing pages for all your SEM campaigns.

Chat in real time with your customers

Interact in real time with your online visitors thanks to Livechat technology, natively integrated into Sendfinite. Engage with your prospects for purchase suggestions, online support, and more. Get tons of data such as e-mail address, geolocation, most visited pages …

Increase income with affiliate marketing

Get real-time statistics on website audiences and email campaigns. Detect engagement and visitors behaviors. Use AB and MVT testing to personalize your marketing campaigns and measure its performance.

Host images, videos and more

Sendfinite Marketing Cloud features a real Digital Assets Manager from where you can add any assets such as images, videos and office documents. All your uploaded assets will be available to be used on your website pages and in your emails templates. You may also use them for your digital ads.

Track in real time your online traffic

View in real time all main KPIs from your website. Find out which are your most visited web pages, who are your visitors and where they come from. Track generated traffic from search engines and social media, easily measure your online marketing actions efficiency.

Enhance your web pages with AB testing

Obtenez des statistiques en temps réel sur les audiences du site Internet et des campagnes email. Détectez l’engagement et les comportements des contacts. Utilisez les tests AB et MVT pour personnaliser et mesurer les performances de vos campagnes marketing.

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